Application Areas

Cross-process areas of application in which conventional printing processes (analogue) can be supplemented or replaced:

GRAPHICAL DIGITAL PRINTING Applications in which visual communication (text & images) are printed, e.g. in packaging printing, especially folding boxes and foils, as well as labels – as a supplement or replacement for conventional mass printing processes Offset, flexo and gravure printing in specialized packaging printing plants.

FUNCTIONAL DIGITAL PRINTING The digital print image fulfils technical functionalities:

  • printed organic electronics, e.g. OLED, conductive antennas for transponders – as an alternative to screen printing
  • functional coatings – as an alternative to various finishing technologies – for example with UV coatings to protect the printed image.

INDUSTRIAL DIGITAL PRINTING Inline integration of digital printing into manufacturing and assembly processes of goods and all kinds of components:

  • Printing on 3D objects (automotive, interior) and hollow bodies
  • Decorative printing (wallpaper, veneer, stone, tiles)
  • Textile printing (both printing of fabric webs and individual garments and leather) using the inkjet process – as an alternative to screen, flexo and pad printing.